Garlic Mike's Bologna Wine and Dine Tour & more!!

A Week of Breathtaking Beauty, Cooking, Sightseeing, Balsamic Vinegar, Parmesan Cheese, Parma Prosciutto & Italy’s Most Exotic Sports Cars!

The Sicily trip sold out in 24 hours!
We were overwhelmed! We decided to add another trip!! Join Traci and I in Bologna! There are only 12 spots available. So, please don’t delay in booking. This trip is going to be absolutely amazing!!!

Bologna is one of Italy’s most iconic cities for food, art, and architecture, yet it is not often visited by mass tourism.

Bologna is considered a major food capital in Italy… for Italians! It boasts a rich and diverse culinary history. Ask any Italian what the most important thing to do in Bologna is, and they will all say EAT!

We chose Bologna for more than just the food. It also happens to be strategically located in an area that allows us to get to some of Italy’s most recognizable names as a day trip.

September 2018


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-SELECT: Sep 1-8,2018
-Proceed with Reservation

Day 1: Welcome to Bologna!

Once settled into your hotel, we will get together for an aperitif where we will review the week. Then we will do some shopping for tomorrow’s cooking class and head to our first dinner

Day 2: Discover Bologna & Our First Cooking Class

We will begin our first full day together with our first cooking class! Afterwards, we will meet up for a guided tour of Bologna and discover the hidden treasures of this magnificent and historic city

Day 3: A Day in Romantic Venice

We’ll be traveling first class on the high-speed rail line from Bologna to the Venice. Here, we will board our private water taxis and start our private tour through the maze of canals and waterways through this amazing and complex city on the sea.

As an exclusive bonus in true CDV style! We’ll have a private and personal visit with a premier artisan builder or “Squero” of some the many famous gondolas of Venice.

Day 4: Michelin Star Cooking Class, Parmigiano-Reggiano & Reggio Emilia

We’ll head to Reggio Emilia, th area famous for Parmigiano-Reggiano, and visit a local parmesan producer that has as great a passion for his Parmigiano-Reggiano. We’ll have our second cooking class with Chef Andrea Incerti Vezzani at the Michelin Starred Ristorante Ca’Matilde.

Day 5: The Modena Market, Balsamic Vinegar & The Ferrari Factory Museum.

We’ll head over to the La Secchia Acetaia where we’ll meet Lorenzo, a producer of traditional balsamic vinegar. Then we have the choice of either Visiting the Town of Modena or the Ferrari Museum.

This is a special experience, as it is not one of the Vinegar producers frequented by tourists, but rather a true, family operation that will be opened up only for us.

Day 6: Cooking Class, Lamborghini Factory, Corte d’Aibo Winery & BBQ at the vineyard

We’ll start the morning with a cooking class, then head to another exclusive: A full behind the scenes Lamborghini factory tour. After Lamborghini, we will head to the wine region of Bologna and have a BBQ in the vineyard.

Day 7: Parma, Prosciutto, and Our farewell Class & Dinner in a 15th Century Palace!

Parma is not only famous for the prosciutto, but also as home to one of the oldest universities in the world. We will visit a producer that will explain the history, significance and importance of this very important staple of Italian charcuterie. Then tonight we’ll be treated to a pasta class experience with an official “sfogline”. A woman that specializes in the art of pasta making!

Day 8: Goodbye 🙁

Sadly, our week comes to a close this morning.