Don’t take our word for it. Read some of our testimonials from our clients below!

Heidi S.
Executive Director - Cattlemen's Days Tough Enough To Wear Pink

I am on my way out tonight for dinner with award winning Nashville Singer Songwriters who are playing at our Ambush Ranch event . Where do we always take them when they come to town? Garlic Mikes! Why ? Because they offer an incredible dining experience and they also have been a huge support of Tough Enough To Wear Pink for many years. They show up everytime we ask them and bring delicious food to our most important fundraisers. They are helping to support our community and we are so grateful for The Garlic Mike’s crew ! Thank you !
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Jeff & Jean H.
Taylor Canyon

This summer my husband and I were honored to have Chef Michael and Jesus make the trek from Gunnison up the Taylor Canyon to our home in Tincup, CO. There they provided an outstanding private dining experience for us and 8 of our guests.

Our guests had traveled from around the country for a celebration of life for a dear friend in Tincup. Each guest voiced their sincere delight with every aspect of the evening dinner. The food preparation and presentation was over the top, service was excellent and Jesus & Chef Michael were so enjoyable and by the end of the evening considered friends!

We highly recommend booking a private dinning experience in your home offered by Garlic Mikes. Jesus and Chef Michael make it effortless for the host. The only things my husband and I had to do were: confirm a date, determine the number of guests, select the menu items and then let Jesus and Chef Michael take it from there!

From the beginning we were told that the most important thing for us as the hosts is to enjoy our company, have fun and not lift a finger. That is exactly what we did all while being served the most delicious, mouth watering five course meal imaginable.
Cheers to Chef Michael & Jesus!
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Kicki C.
Gunnison, Co

An absolutely amazing Italian/American ranch dinner buffet was set up by Team Garlic Mikes. We were quite the group of people and in order to host and accommodate workers, family and friends we were able to select all the great food of our desire and create a buffet style menu of our liking. It was an amazing set up, Michael and Jesus in the kitchen of our home cooking and preparing all the tasty food to our liking as well as bringing and setting up everything that Traci had prepared for decor and dishes to make it all a complete full circle of ranch theme!

We had a great time and fully enjoyed the fantastic food, as always at Garlic Mikes, yet this time in our own house and the great energy from Michael and Jesus! Thank you all❤
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Karen and Phillip
Montrose, CO

Shout out to Michael, Traci and Garlic Mike’s for the generous donation of dinner for The Boot Stomp Cancer Benefit. It was part of a silent auction we bid on with two other couples and it raised a substantial amount for the San Juan Cancer Center in Montrose , Colorado. The dinner was more than we expected which including drinks by the river at the river bar and wine, appetizers, entrees and dessert in a private cabana with beautiful table decor by Traci. We truly enjoyed every minute and so did our taste buds. Thank you, again!
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Dawn and Toby
Dallas, TX and Mt. Crested Butte

We were fortunate to be paired with Chef Mike and his team when we hosted a couple of events for the Tour de Forks series at our home in CB a few years ago. Those events were always fun and entertaining, although with a much larger crowd in support of the local arts community we never got to know him well on a personal level.

We had Michael at our home this past weekend for a small group and everything that evening from “soup to nuts” was amazing. We challenged him with helping us arrange a seafood night and the menu he created was fantastic! We started with Garlic Mike’s magical grilled oysters, moved to crab and corn chowder, a salad and the Brodetto di Pesce as our main course. The preparation of every course, the attention to detail and presentation of each was perfect!

The evening was an outstanding experience with an entertaining, charismatic, passionate chef that no one in our group will forget. Not only was the food excellent, but the evening was also incredibly fun! We look forward to the next time we are able to have Mike and his team at our house.
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Shannan R.
Mt. Crested Butte/Coronado, CA

“Highly recommend Garlic Mike’s restaurant for private catering based on a surprise birthday dinner party for a family member. The entire experience was nothing short of exceptional, thanks to the outstanding efforts of Mike and Jesus, who truly made it a night to remember.

The seven-course dinner they curated was nothing short of exquisite. Each dish was carefully crafted, incorporating the finest ingredients and bursting with flavors that delighted the senses. From the appetizers to the desserts, every course was a culinary journey that left our taste buds wanting more. They even made a separate pasta dinner for the kiddos!

Not only was the food a delight, but the presentation of each course was also a work of art. Mike demonstrated a true passion for his craft, and it was evident that he takes great pride in delivering an unforgettable dining experience.

What truly stood out was the personal touches in making the birthday celebrant feel special. They orchestrated a heartwarming surprise and a beautifully presented birthday cake that left our family feeling deeply touched and cherished.

Throughout the evening, Mike and Jesus ensured that every member of our family felt comfortable and attended to. Their warm and friendly demeanor created a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, allowing us to focus on celebrating the birthday with joy and laughter.

I wholeheartedly recommend Garlic Mike’s restaurant for any special occasion, particularly if you’re planning a surprise birthday dinner party. Mike will go above and beyond to create an unforgettable experience, combining exceptional service, mouth watering food, and a warm ambiance.

Thank you, Garlic Mike’s, for making our surprise birthday dinner party, an absolute success.”
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Claire W.
Dallas TX/Crested Butte
I just want to say that last night was fantastic. One of the best meals I’ve had in a long time. You all made everything so easy and wonderful.
Please also extend my praise to the cake lady for making a wonderful gluten free cake.

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Peter and Alicen
Dallas/Crested Butte

Gunnison County is so special, and Garlic Mike’s is such an icon in the Valley. So what happens when you combine Crested Butte vistas with Chef Michael, you get a truly magical night. Massive kudos to Chef Michael for the extraordinary dining experience, and to Jesus for top-shelf service. Thank you gentleman for making our birthday celebration a night we won’t forget.
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Linda & Scott
Houston, TX

Garlic Mike’s has been one of our favorite restaurants for many years, and Chef Mike has become a good friend. We had a gathering of friends and family at our home on Spring Creek this summer, so we arranged a private dinner with Chef Mike. It was one of the most special evenings my family has ever experienced! Leading up to the evening, Michael communicated with us regarding our preferences, then he and his assistant Jesus created not only a perfectly delicious meal, but also the most joyful dining experience. Starting with delectable grilled oysters, the food got more delicious with each course. Chef Mike absolutely loves sharing his gifts with others, and his passion for delicious food and outpouring of joy is contagious! It was truly one of the most memorable meals that my family and friends have ever shared. Thank-you, Michael!

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Sally and Jim
Vero Beach Florida

Mike and Jesus did a catered event at our house in Mount Crested Butte this summer. They did a great job coordinating the menu to make sure everything was perfect. The day of the dinner they arrived early and made it easy to host our party of 11. We can’t say enough good things about how great Garlic Mike was for this event and we would recommend him to others looking for a fun relaxing evening.

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The Clariday’s, The Aspinall’s, and The Hernandez’s

Talk about an authentic, exceptional Italian experience in the heart of Colorado! Each course was carefully selected for our individual tastes and didn’t disappoint. Mike and Jesus made us feel like family and went above and beyond, as if we were sitting in their kitchen back home. Truly one of our favorite evenings to add to our annual family trip to Gunnison.
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Denver, CO

I hired Mike as the personal chef for my fiance’s birthday party. The restaurant, in Gunnison, has been a favorite of ours since we discovered it while camping in the area. Recently, we purchased some property south of Gunnison and I was hoping Mike and his team would make the trek out to our land to provide a memory and meal that we wouldn’t forget. And, wow, did they deliver!

I should add, the property we acquired is rugged, to say the least. Without hesitation or complaint Mike and Chuy adapted quickly to the rustic scene and minimal kitchen and delivered a night that was so meaningful to myself, my fiance and our closest friends! The food was, of course, spectacular. However, what truly stands out to me is the relationships created and fostered over the dinner table that night. A “once in a lifetime experience” that I hope to have many times over!!

With Love, Banu

First time I met “Garlic Mike” as person at “Culture Discover” in Sicily,Italy. Since I never had a doubt about his personality. He is not just Chef or owner of the Italian Cuisine, he also offers private dinners for those special friends and family celebrations. Chef “Garlic Mike” promises you an event that you will experience, as if you are a “guest at your own party”. He knows how to sure the right food with highest quality and freshness, arrange the environment in a way that “special event”, and it is all done with ease and efficiency. This is a chance to have a party people will remember for years and so will you! Thank you!!!!
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Fred and Sue
Anthracite, Mt. CB

We had Garlic Mike cater a dinner for our Mt. Crested Butte neighborhood, and it could not have been more successful. Mike’s menu was unique, perfectly prepared and beautifully presented. His assistant, Jesus, managed the arrangements and supervised the professional service. We had accolades from all our friends. To top it off, the crew cleaned up as if nothing had happened!

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Matt H.

My family and friends have now made it a habit to always have Garlic Mike and Jesus over for an incredible night of drinks, dinner and laughs each time we make it to Crested Butte from our home in Austin, Texas. They take care of it all and everything is done first class – we just sit back and have a great time, every time. Highly recommend having Mike and Jesus over to your house for an incredible dinner experience!

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The Dirty Pearls of Fort Worth

Being a Dirty Pearl from Fort Worth we know what it means to throw a party; enjoy great food, drinks & company; and most importantly to be notorious! These same things also personify the iconic Garlic Mike. No trip to the Moncrief Ranch in Gunnison is ever complete without Garlic Mike’s crew coming in to spoil us from beginning to end with their personalized dinner and service! Mike’s food is so incredibly flavorful and consistently on point and the presentation is always exquisite. His extraordinary staff, including Jesus, knows after just one time what each of our favorite drinks are and if you are lucky enough he might even surprise you with a serenade at the end of the evening. Each time we have had Garlic Mike out for his personal chef services we know it is going to be much more then a dinner, it will be an event to be remembered! Garlic Mike is family and his smile says it all!

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Erik Harp

Hi Mike,
You are the best! The food, fun and service was amazing! On the way home, all everyone could talk about was the dinner. Epic!
Thank you for being part of the storybook of our lives.

Lisa & Tye Green

One of the best decisions while on vacation we have ever made was to have Chef Mike and his assistant Taylor come to our home and prepare dinner. WOW! From the starter cocktails to the Shrimp Scampi, Tortellini, Salad, Steak and Fresh Fruit Brûlée dessert we all were extremely satisfied. He was kind enough to allow my 18 year old nephew join him in the kitchen for his own private cooking lessons. This was an amazing act of kindness! A true delight and a wonderful experience for my entire family. We not only enjoyed some of the best food, we gained a friend for life. On a scale from 1 to 10 ~ we give him a 100+. I highly recommend giving Chef Mike a call and having him prepare a meal like no other for you and your family/friends. It will be a memory I promise worth making.

Lacy and Edie
Texas and Louisiana

Thank you for a fabulous evening last night. You and Jesus produced such a wonderful experience with your outstanding dinner and antipasto served on our deck. The salmon was fantastic with the most beautiful presentation!
The salad of mixed greens, fruits, and nuts and your balsamic dressing was beautiful and enjoyed by all.
Finishing the dinner with the Zabaglione custard made with a healthy dose of Marsala wine over fresh fruit completed the outstanding event.
Edie and I appreciate your talents very much and look forward to another experience this summer.

Duane Coker
Little Elm, Texas and Gunnison, Colorado

Garlic Mike prepared dinner for me, my wife, and six friends on New Year’s Eve eve and it was absolutely one of the best dining experiences I’ve ever had. We are back and forth between Texas and Gunnison and this dinner was at our Gunnison home.

Michael showed up with his assistant, Taylor, and let us know right away they were going to take care of everything and that we wouldn’t have to lift a finger. True to his word, we gathered around our kitchen island bar and watched the show. We definitely did not have to do anything other than, occasionally, talk Chef into teaching us a trick or two, which he was super willing to do and exceptionally great at doing!

The food – and there was so much of it that we were actually able to make another couple meals out of the leftovers – was out of this world! So, so good. We laughed until our faces hurt, ate until our belts hurt, and drank until our heads hurt a little bit the next morning. It was so much fun enjoying great wine with dinner and knowing that we didn’t have to clean up or drive home after!

If you have a special occasion, or, really, if you just want a great dinner, made in your home, served with humor and style, and wrapped up so that it was impossible to tell that anyone cooked or ate at your house that night, then give Garlic Mike a call and set up one of his personal chef experiences. Definitely not to be missed!

David Six
Dallas, TX

I met you at The Moncrief Ranch over the New Year. What an absolute pleasure it was to be a part of the two nights you prepared the meals at the ranch. You are a true professional and your staff were the best. I am a huge lover of Oysters Rockefeller and I can tell you they were the best I have ever had, the Caesar salad was unique and the tenderloin steak was succulent and able to be cut with a fork.

On Saturday your Salmon served with asparagus was an excellent presentation and delicious. Please tell Shelby how much we enjoyed her drinks and also to Taylor for her smiling face as she served us. I wold recommend you to anyone at anytime.
PS: The tiramisu was as good as I have ever had.

Tom & Therese Moncrief
Gunnison, CO and Fort Worth, TX

Mike prepared our group at our home an incredible dinner! The oysters Rockefeller was the best I have ever had, no exception. Everything was the best, steaks, salad, dessert, etc.! Looking forward to our next adventure.

Peggy and Mike Vaughan and Brandon Vaughan
Ft. Worth, Texas

You made dinner for our group at the Moncrief Ranch in late December. The meals were excellent, especially the Oysters Rockefeller and the beef tenderloin. Cocktails by Shelby were a great hit. We have enjoyed your restaurant for more than 20 years and never miss when we are in Gunnison or Crested Butte. Garlic Mike’s is my son’s favorite place to eat. The attached picture is from last year. I was delighted to learn that you are from North Jersey near where I grew up. Hope to see you in fort Worth.

Clif & Kathy Barnhart
Crested Butte, CO

I write this as one who has enjoyed Chef Mike Busse’s talents from several angles. Mike oversees his successful river-front restaurant specializing in his Italian creations. He also shares his knowledge and culinary guidance as the personal escort for small groups who choose to join Mike and his wife, Traci, on one of their annual gustatory treks through Italy. And, if you’re lucky enough, he offers his services when available as a personal chef.

We’ve been fortunate enough to compare and contrast the styles of several chefs in our home. What makes Mike’s style stand out is the blend of his ebullient personality and the skills and techniques he shares with his ‘audience’ as he brings you into the experience from kitchen to table. For the group who prefers a cook working quietly in the background, plating, clearing and cleaning up, there are plenty of choices that would work. (Although I guess you could convince Mike to perform in that manner, in so doing you would defeat a large portion of what makes a meal made by Mike Busse stand out.) If your group includes ‘foodies’ and/or those who love to try their hand in the kitchen, I believe you will find an evening with Mike Busse in charge of the dinner an experience you’ll fondly remember.

Mike and Tiffiny West
Midland, TX / Gunnison, CO

Michael- What a delightful evening you prepared for us at our ranch on the Taylor! From the cocktails to the dessert, it was delicious!

Thank you so much for a lovely evening, hope to see you again sometime.

Marjorie Locker
Midland, TX / Gunnison, CO

I have been fortunate to work with Chef Mike several times. His menus and themed dinners are creative, fun, incredibly delicious and always enjoyed by everyone. I’ve seen him work magic under extraordinary circumstances… outdoors, small kitchens, dietary limitations, huge crowds.. etc.. His private cooking classes are really fun and informative and his laughing infectious. Whether planning small dinner parties or larger events, Mike always listens to my ideas, adds his expert opinions and and executes flawlessly, the smallest of details taken care of by him, or if necessary, his support team. Above all.. his food is so yummy! I always look forward to what creative item will be on the menu next

Ann and Bob Osborne
Wichita Falls, TX/Gunnison, CO

Mike has done private dinners and large fund raisers many times at our Colorado ranch home and the greatest dinners ever! Everything from appetizers trays, Oyster Rockefeller, crab cakes, traditional Italian, steaks, desserts, etc are unbelievable. Great staff that helps Mike with these dinners! A perfect 10 out of 10!

Kathy Barnhart
Crested Butte,CO/Galveston,TX

If you want to offer houseguests a unique dinner they will remember hire Mike. You get an amazing meal, a cooking demonstration (if you want) all done by a stand-up comedian. You can’t get much better than that.

Gloria Willey
Ft Myers, FL

My husband and I had a housewarming party a few years ago and hired Mike from Garlic Mikes.  We are friends with Mike’s in laws and knew we could depend on Mike to amaze our guests.  We live in Florida so Mike and his wife had no problem leaving Gunnison Colorado and zero degree weather to spend time with us and our warm weather. We had such fun shopping with Mike and Traci for food and party decorations and enjoyed being part of the creative process.  The party was a huge success.  Our guests couldn’t believe we hired a chef from Colorado.  Then they couldn’t believe how fantastic the food was.  We had a pool table that Traci had transformed with fabric and mirrored trays and elevated platters.  A first class fantasyland in our pool table room!  
Our friends and neighbors still say that party was the best. One friend even said it was better than her daughter’s thirty thousand dollar wedding.
If you are looking for high end food served with creativity and style then look no further than Garlic Mikes.

Ken & Becky Swan
Colorado and Texas

You can’t go wrong with Mike Busse! Best Italian chef I’ve seen anywhere!  Wonderful and cheerful personality which all makes for Great times in Gunnison valley.

Tommy and Kathy
Alphareta GA / Gunnison,CO

Just want to reach out and say a great big word of thanks for your chef services and awesome meal at our home last fall. Mike and Christian were truly outstanding in preparing 5 courses of truly special dishes for 9 adults and 2 children. Presentation and quality were 5 star. Everyone that evening were truly the best family ever !!!  The kitchen and dining area was left spotless!!!  They were awesome and we will have an encore performance. Truly a special treat! Thanks to Mike and Christian!

Kurt and Janet Giesselman
Ocala FL/Crested Butte, CO

We recently had a cocktail party for 50+ people and Mike was our personal chef. From start to finish he and his staff were absolutely meticulous about the event and such a pleasure to work with-From menu planning to setup and greeting guests to the final cleanup. Everyone had a smile the entire night and every guest was so complimentary of the great fun party. Mike’s food was incredible and there was a lot of it!  He was right in the middle of everything so the guests could interact with Mike while he produced a gourmet feast. We will definitely ask Mike and his team to come back again.
Thank you Garlic Mike!!!

Midland,TX/Crested Butte,CO

Mike at Garlic Mike’s has become a part of our family after providing memorable private chef services for us. He has prepared wonderful table settings for all ages and willingly adapts his menus to accommodate gluten free requirements. He has served such fabulous dinners for some of our friends that now they ask if Garlic Mike is coming!