This summer my husband and I were honored to have Chef Michael and Jesus make the trek from Gunnison up the Taylor Canyon to our home in Tincup, CO. There they provided an outstanding private dining experience for us and 8 of our guests.

Our guests had traveled from around the country for a celebration of life for a dear friend in Tincup. Each guest voiced their sincere delight with every aspect of the evening dinner. The food preparation and presentation was over the top, service was excellent and Jesus & Chef Michael were so enjoyable and by the end of the evening considered friends!

We highly recommend booking a private dinning experience in your home offered by Garlic Mikes. Jesus and Chef Michael make it effortless for the host. The only things my husband and I had to do were: confirm a date, determine the number of guests, select the menu items and then let Jesus and Chef Michael take it from there!

From the beginning we were told that the most important thing for us as the hosts is to enjoy our company, have fun and not lift a finger. That is exactly what we did all while being served the most delicious, mouth watering five course meal imaginable.
Cheers to Chef Michael & Jesus!